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Posted by on Nov 30, 2017 in shy guy online dating, dating sites st louis mo, News |

Axe Bat, Tucci Lumber Announce Licensing Partnership

Axe Bat, Tucci Lumber Announce Licensing Partnership


Axe Bat, Tucci Lumber Announce Licensing Partnership

Tucci Lumber bats with Axe Handles now available to pro players

RENTON, Wash. (Nov. 30, 2017) – Axe Bat today announced a licensing agreement with Tucci Lumber Bat Company allowing Tucci to manufacture and sell wood baseball bats with the patented Axe Handle to professional players.

Tucci Lumber, headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, is one of the top suppliers of bats to Big League players and counts All-Stars Troy Tulowitzki and Pablo Sandoval among its pro-player investors.

“We’re excited to add Tucci Lumber as a licensee of our Axe Handle,” said Jay Helmick, senior vice president of Axe Bat. “Tucci’s manufacturing capabilities, product quality, and professional connections make them an ideal partner for introducing more elite players to the benefits of swinging an Axe Handle bat.”

Popularity of the Axe Handle among pro baseball players has grown exponentially since 2015. This year, at least three dozen Big Leaguers swung an Axe Handle bat during the regular season, including the championship series MVP and two starting all-stars.

Two-time All-Star Mookie Betts is an endorser and has swung an Axe Handle bat exclusively since late 2015.

Unlike a conventional round knob, the Axe Handle is engineered to support the biomechanics of the swing. Its shape conforms to the natural contours of a player’s wrist and palm, and enables a more efficient swing that maximizes bat speed and improves barrel control.

Tucci Lumber is the third wood-bat manufacturer to sign a licensing deal with Axe Bat.

Tucci was founded by Pete Tucci, a former first-round draft pick whose promising baseball career was derailed by a hand injury suffered while swinging a bat with an oversize round knob.

Tucci bats are known for their precision craftsmanship and high-quality finish, which includes a steel-burnishing process to increase hardness.

“Axe Handle bats are in demand at the highest levels and we’re excited to be able to now offer them to our pro players,” said Pete Tucci, owner of Tucci Lumber. “We’re looking forward to working with Axe Bat to deliver the best possible bat for every player’s swing.”

Axe Bat’s full line of wood, metal, and composite baseball, fastpitch, and slow pitch bats is available at

More information about Tucci Lumber, including the company’s full line of bats, gloves, and apparel, can be found at

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