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Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in All, Industry, News, Uncategorized | 13 comments

Introducing The MB50, The Axe Bat Inspired By Mookie Betts

Introducing The MB50, The Axe Bat Inspired By Mookie Betts

Practically every day, for the last six months, Mookie Betts has done something spectacular on the baseball field.

There were the home runs in Baltimore, the throw in Tampa, and the near nightly highlights in Boston worthy of a #WinDanceRepeat.

By any objective standard, his performance this season puts him on the (very) short list of the game’s best players, if not the clear choice for MVP of the American League.

Betts has swung an Axe-handled bat exclusively for more than a year now, so when we drew up plans for our 2017 line, we thought it only fitting he have a signature model.

Today, just in time for the playoffs, we’re excited to announce the MB50, a new senior youth baseball bat with a design inspired and approved by Mookie Betts. The bat can be pre-ordered now on and will begin shipping to customers within the next 2-3 weeks.

The MB50 further expands Axe Bats’ senior youth offering, and is the third new model added to the category for 2017. It features a 2-5/8″ barrel, a minus-10 length-to-weight ratio, and will come in sizes ranging from 28″ to 32″.


The MB50, inspired by All-Star Mookie Betts, is the newest addition to Axe Bats’ senior youth baseball line.

John DeLuna, lead designer on the MB50, said the goal was to create a bat that clearly fit with the 2017 line, but had enough contrast to stand on its own.

“The obvious choice was to do a lighter color for the base,” said DeLuna, referring to his selection of white for the MB50; all other bats in the 2017 line have a black base. “As I started laying out the white with the darker blue and red shades, it started looking really good. The right contrast was there and it just worked.”

The design is accentuated by Betts’ preferred Lizard Skins┬áBat Grip, a wild blend of red, white, and blue that matches the bat’s color scheme.

The MB50 is the first Axe Bat ever made with a white end cap and white handle, a tip of the cap to Betts, who continues to defy expectations and convention.

“I like how it turned out,” DeLuna said.

If you do, too, you can win an MB50 by telling us in the comments why you think Mookie Betts should be this year’s AL MVP. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random on Oct. 31.

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  1. Although I’m an Orioles fan and would happy if Chris Davis, Manny Machado, or Mark Trumbo won MVP, I truly feel Mookie deserves the nod. He has been very consistent with the wood! You can see how the Axebat is helping his hand work and the stats are proof. Good luck Mookie (even though I have to root for my Os, you can understand that)!


  2. 31 homeruns this season and his plays in the outfield say it all.

  3. All around best player in the game. Hit for power, hit for average, plays great defense with the best arm in the outfield and of course he has great speed! Go mookie!!

  4. Mookie clearly had the best season in the A.L. His numbers were outrageous and comparable to the great Ted Williams for a player his age. His defense was also just as insane. Playing that big rightfield at Fenway like a seasoned pro and throwing runners out every chance he got. He was also a beast on the base paths as well and who can forget the dance moves and numerous best outfielder of the game in perhaps the best young outfield in all the majors. # win dance repeat.

  5. Markus (Mookie) Lynn Betts or MLB. An outstanding player both offensively, and defensively. Converted from an infielder to a starting and dominant outfielder. Youngest Sox player to hit a grand slam. First time All Star this season. Al player of the month for July. .318 average, 31 home runs, 113 rbi’s, 26 stolen bases. Definitely improving his game this season, and MVP worthy.

  6. He is a team leader and will take the place of Big Papi. He carries himself like a pro on and off the field. He hits like Ted Williams and is always asking questions to see how he can improve in the game. He is a true role model for Big Leaugue players. MVP!!

  7. As a Red Sox fan who sees Mookie play daily I am convinced he is the best young outfielder in the American League and should win his first of many AL MVP awards this season. My son admires Betts for many reasons but mainly for hitting with an Axe bat. My son will be going in to his age 14 year and had swung nothing but Axe bats for the past three seasons and absolutely loves how the bat feels in his hand. His average and power has gotten better year after year and he attributes that to using his Axe. He was the first kid to use it that I know but many many kids have switched over since. Axe makes a great bat and we love the results.

  8. He should win the MVP because he has been very consistent hitting wise. He hit 31 homers, knocked in 113 RBI’s with hitting .318. His defense was impeccable with the sliding catch that he turned into a double play in New York, the throw in Tampa Bay was amazing, and I can’t even count how many times he has thrown guys out from right field. He did all of this and more during David Ortiz’s final season. You would think that nobody could draw more attention than Ortiz this year but anyone who thought that, is wrong. This guy is amazing and being a 15 year old outfielder, I idolize him. Mookie Betts deserves the MVP award.

    • Congratulations, Brian, you are the winner of the MB50! You should be hearing from us shortly via email to confirm the details.

  9. Dude rakes, its as simple as that!

  10. Axe bat, Axe bat, Axe bat….

  11. Mookie had a great year, on a playoff team. Others in the running weren’t even in the chase. U gotta pick the guy doing it under pressure.

  12. Betts is a stud. He will contend for MVP many times and deserves to win it this year.