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Posted by on Oct 24, 2016 in All, Industry, News |

Axe Bat Realigns For Growth, Names New Marketing Director

Axe Bat Realigns For Growth, Names New Marketing Director

There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes here at Axe Bat. Today, we’re finally able to fill you in on some of the changes we’ve been working on to accommodate the rapid growth we’ve experienced this past year.

Most notably, we’re excited to welcome Trevor Stocking as our new Director of Product Marketing. Trevor comes from Zepp Labs, where he helped develop that company’s popular sensor technology for baseball and softball. Trevor is going to be a great addition to the team, and we’ll have a lot more with him on the blog in the months to come. In the meantime, give him a follow on Twitter at @TrevorStocking.

Full details are in the news release below:

Axe Bat Realigns for Growth, Names New Marketing Director

Former Zepp Labs marketing lead Trevor Stocking joins newly formed Axe Bat team

RENTON, Wash. (Oct. 24, 2016) – Axe Bat today announced a corporate restructuring and the hiring of a new marketing director to manage its rapidly growing brand of high-performance bats for baseball and softball.

The new corporate structure makes Axe Bat a business division of Baden Sports, Inc., and focuses more resources on product development, marketing, and sales. The new Axe Bat team, led by Jay Helmick, Senior Vice President, will continue to operate from Baden Sports’ corporate headquarters in Renton, Wash.

Trevor Stocking head shot

Trevor Stocking, Director of Product Marketing, Axe Bat

Joining Axe Bat as Director of Product Marketing is Trevor Stocking, formerly of sports sensor startup Zepp Labs. Based in Chicago, Stocking will oversee Axe Bat’s technical product marketing, contribute to research and development, and work closely with professional players, organizations, and development partners nationwide.

Both moves coincide with growing awareness and adoption of Axe Bat’s patented, axe-shaped handle technology, particularly in the major leagues, where usage by pro players more than doubled this season. Among the converts was All-Star outfielder Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox, who switched to an Axe Bat exclusively this season, and finished among the league leaders in nearly every offensive statistic while emerging as a leading candidate for MVP.

Betts signed with Axe Bat in July as a brand ambassador, citing greater comfort, control, and speed, as reasons for his switch.

“The organizational changes we’re making today position us well for the next phase of our growth, allow us to react quickly to market demands, and affirm our commitment to developing bats that support the swing and improve player performance,” Helmick said. “Trevor’s experience collecting and analyzing swing data, coupled with his passion and knowledge of the game, make him a perfect fit for our business. We’re excited to have him on board and are looking forward to his contributions in all areas of product marketing.”

Stocking, one of Zepp’s first employees, helped develop that company’s baseball and softball sensors and played a key role in educating consumers to an entirely new category of data-driven training products. In the process, he compiled an expansive library of swing data, developed a large network of bat-industry partners, and managed high-profile marketing relationships with some of baseball’s elite professional players, including Josh Donaldson and Mike Trout, the last two American League MVPs. Stocking also was instrumental in the launch of the industry’s first smart baseball bat earlier this year.

“I’ve seen data on millions of swings, from pros to tee-ball players; in my analysis, Axe data consistently showed players achieving more speed, more control, and a shorter swing,” Stocking said. “From the moment I saw that, I was sold on Axe Bats and wanted to be a part of the revolution. I’m excited to help expand our growing presence in the major leagues and to get Axe composite and alloy bats in the hands of more youth players, so they can begin taking the performance advantages I saw in the data into their games.”

The Axe Bat is the only bat engineered to support the swing. Its angled, oval-shaped knob fits naturally in the hand and enables a more comfortable, higher-performing alternative to traditional round-handled bats. Studies have shown the Axe Bat’s ergonomic shape can improve bat control and maximize bat speed, while also improving power transfer and reducing the risk of hand injuries commonly associated with the swing.1

Axe Bat’s 2017 lineup introduces the angled HyperWhip profile to more bats. The aerodynamic design shaves material from the end of the bat on the non-hitting side for improved balance and bat speed, without compromising barrel size. All of the new bats, including bags, batting gloves, and apparel, are available now at

About Axe Bat

Axe Bat is a wholly owned division of Baden Sports, Inc., headquartered in Renton, Wash., and a manufacturer of high-performance bats with axe-shaped handles for baseball and softball. Approved for play at all levels, the Axe Bat is the only bat engineered to support the biomechanics of the swing. Research confirms that compared to traditional bats with round knobs and handles, the Axe Bat delivers more comfort, improves bat control and grip stability, transfers power more efficiently, provides more space to accelerate the barrel for maximum bat speed, and reduces the risk of hand and nerve injuries commonly associated with the swing.1 For more information, go to or join the conversation on Facebook (TheAxeBat), Instagram (axebat), and Twitter (@AxeBat).

1Biomechanical Study of the New Axe Handle Baseball Bats and Comparison with Standard Round Knob Bats:

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