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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in All, Industry, News, Technology |

2017 Axe Bats Now Available For Pre-Order

2017 Axe Bats Now Available For Pre-Order

Axe Bats Unveils 2017 Lineup, Now Available for Pre-Order

Deepest Axe™ lineup yet features more balance, comfort, and selection

RENTON, Wash. (Sept. 13, 2016) – Axe Bats, a division of Baden Sports, Inc., today unveiled its full line of aluminum, composite, and wood bats for 2017. The lineup is Axe Bats’ deepest yet and includes two new angled end caps for speed and balance, more models for senior youth players, and an expanded selection of wood bats. All of the new bats can be pre-ordered now at, with availability starting in late October.

More balance defines the 2017 line, as Axe Bats’ angled HyperWhip™ Cap debuts on most BBCOR, senior youth, and youth baseball models. The HyperWhip Cap shaves unnecessary weight from the end cap on the non-hitting side, enabling improved balance, lighter swing weights, and maximum bat speed.

This feature takes advantage of the fact that all Axe Bats are engineered to be hit on only one side of the barrel, a characteristic known as “one-sided hitting.” The new HyperWhip Cap is offered in both composite and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials, depending on the bat model and construction.

The original HyperWhip Fusion barrel, introduced last season, returns stronger than ever on the BBCOR-certified, HyperWhip L138E. This implementation eliminates the end cap altogether and fuses three inches of carbon fiber to the end of a one-piece alloy barrel, enabling the most balanced one-piece, BBCOR bat in the lineup.

“We’re rethinking every part of the traditional, bat-making process and are only beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible with one-sided hitting,” said Hugh Tompkins, Director of Research & Development for Axe Bats. “The HyperWhip Cap is a great example of a technology only we can offer. Not only does the angled shape enable more balanced bats across our lineup, it gives players visual confirmation that Axe Bats are built to be hit on only one side.”

More comfort can also be found throughout the new line, as Axe Bats’ popular shock-absorbing handle technology, Endogrid, has been added to many more one- and two-piece models, including every bat in the Elite series for baseball.

In response to growing demand, two new big-barrel models for senior youth baseball players have been added to the lineup. The Element L143E and Origin L144E both feature one-piece constructions with HyperWhip Caps and minus 10, length-to-weight ratios. The Element, however, has a slightly larger barrel at 2-3/4” compared to the Origin at 2-5/8”.

Interest in wood Axe Bats has never been higher with the success of All-Star Mookie Betts, who has swung an Axe-handled bat exclusively this season while posting offensive numbers worthy of MVP consideration. For those players, the upgraded line includes the new Pro Hard Maple L119. Featuring a 243 turn for a larger, extended barrel, the L119 provides a more end-loaded alternative to the balanced Pro Hard Maple L118.

The Axe Bat is the only bat engineered to support the biomechanics of the swing, and represents a significant leap forward in bat design. Its oval-shaped bottom, angled knob, and flush backside follow the natural contours of the wrist and palm, and provide a more comfortable, higher-performing alternative to traditional round-handled bats. Betts, one of nearly two dozen major leaguers to swing an Axe-handled bat during the 2016 regular season, continues to build his case for the American League MVP award. The Red Sox outfielder ranks among the league leaders in most offensive categories, including runs, hits, extra-base hits, RBIs, and total bases. He has swung an Axe Bat exclusively since last September.

“The benefits of the Axe that elite players like Mookie Betts are taking advantage of right now in professional baseball apply to all ages and skill levels,” said Jay Helmick, Senior Vice President of Axe Bats. “We are excited to expand our lineup and eager for more players to experience the thrill and excitement of those benefits on the field next season.”

A study conducted using NCAA Division I baseball players concluded the Axe Bat improved bat control, increased grip stability, transferred power through the swing more efficiently, and provided hitters more space to accelerate the barrel for maximum bat speed, while also reducing the risk of common hand injuries (e.g., hamate bone fractures), compared to bats with conventional round knobs and handles.1 This spring, another independent study comparing performance data collected through a HitTrax system showed players achieved greater exit velocity on hard-hit balls with the Axe Bat than they did using bats with round handles.2

The Axe Bat is approved for play at all levels of baseball and softball. All non-wood composite and aluminum Axe Bats carry a one-year warranty and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

About Axe Bats

Axe Bats is a wholly owned division of Baden Sports, Inc., headquartered in Renton, Wash. Approved for play at every level of baseball and softball, the Axe Bat is the only bat engineered to support the biomechanics of the swing. Research shows that compared to traditional bats with round knobs and handles, the Axe Bat is more comfortable, improves grip stability, transfers power more efficiently, provides more space to accelerate the barrel for maximum bat speed, and reduces the risk of hand and nerve injuries commonly associated with the swing. For more information, go to or join the conversation on Facebook (TheAxeBat), Instagram (axebat) and Twitter (@AxeBat).

1Biomechanical Study of the New Axe Handle Baseball Bats and Comparison with Standard Round Knob Bats

2Baseball Prospectus: Tools of the Trade – Testing the Axe Bat’s Claims.

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