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All-Star Slugger Mookie Betts Joins Axe Bat Team

All-Star Slugger Mookie Betts Joins Axe Bat Team

All-Star Slugger Mookie Betts Joins Axe Bat Team

Boston outfielder becomes the first professional baseball player signed by Axe Bat; will provide input on product design and development

RENTON, Wash. (July 7, 2016) – Axe Bat, a division of Baden Sports, Inc., today announced a multiyear partnership with All-Star outfielder Mookie Betts. Already one of the game’s most exciting and dynamic players at just 23 years old, Betts ranks among the big league leaders in multiple offensive categories, including runs, hits, extra-base hits, RBIs, and total bases.

Betts made history earlier this season becoming both the first leadoff hitter to hit five home runs in a two-game span, and the first player to homer in the first two innings of consecutive games. His five career multi-homer games as a leadoff hitter already tie for the most in Boston history. Betts has swung the Axe Bat exclusively since last September, and for four of his five multi-homer games.

He switched to the Axe Bat after experiencing much greater comfort and performance with the Axe Handle over a conventional round knob. As the first professional baseball player signed by the brand, Betts will appear in advertisements and provide input on Axe Bat product design and development. He is featured prominently on the newly designed Axe Bat website (, also unveiled today.

“The Axe Bat is the most comfortable bat I’ve ever swung. You feel the difference in your hands immediately,” Betts said. “A round knob provides an unnatural grip and added pressure on your hands and wrists. I don’t have to worry about that anymore, and my hands and swing feel better because of it. The design allows me to feel my best and the performance follows.”

Betts is one of more than a dozen players to swing the Axe Bat – which is produced for Big League players by Victus Sports, a wood bat maker in Blackwood, N.J. – in games this season.

“We’re honored and excited to welcome Mookie Betts to the Axe Bat team. He is a special player, a true superstar, and embodies the passionate, performance-driven spirit of our company,” said Michael Schindler, CEO, Baden Sports. “We look forward to building his ideas and influence into all we do with the Axe Bat in the months and years ahead.”

The Axe Bat is engineered for the biomechanics of the swing and represents a significant leap forward in bat design. Its oval-shaped bottom, angled knob, and flush backside follow the natural contours of the wrist and palm, and provide a more comfortable, higher-performing alternative to traditional round-handled bats. A study conducted using NCAA Division I baseball players concluded the Axe Bat improved bat control, increased grip stability, transferred power through the swing more efficiently, and provided hitters more space to accelerate the barrel for maximum bat speed, while also reducing the risk of common hand injuries (e.g., hamate bone fractures), compared to bats with conventional round knobs and handles.1

This spring, another independent study comparing performance data collected through a HitTrax system showed players achieved greater exit velocity on hard-hit balls with the Axe Bat than they did using bats with round handles.2

The Axe Bat is approved for play at all levels of baseball and softball. All Axe Bat models for baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball, as well as training products and accessories, can be purchased at

About Axe Bat

Axe Bat is a wholly owned division of Baden Sports, Inc., headquartered in Renton, Wash. Approved for play at every level of baseball and softball, the Axe Bat is the first bat designed to support the biomechanics of the swing. Research shows that compared to traditional bats with round knobs and handles, the Axe Bat is more comfortable, improves grip stability, transfers power more efficiently, provides more space to accelerate the barrel for maximum bat speed, and reduces the risk of hand and nerve injuries commonly associated with the swing. For more information, go to or join the conversation on Facebook (TheAxeBat), Instagram (axebat) and Twitter (@AxeBat).

1 Biomechanical Study of the New Axe Handle Baseball Bats and Comparison with Standard Round Knob Bats:

2 Baseball Prospectus: Tools of the Trade – Testing the Axe Bat’s Claims:

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  1. Hello i have been trying to do a Demo of the Axe Bats but is in the Richmond Virginia area. I’m 16
    Dion Marrow

    • Dion, our demo locator will be up and running soon. In the meantime, you can email our Northeast Territory Manager, Jeff Simon, at jeffs at badensports dot com. He should be able to point you in the right direction. Our 30-day guarantee is a great way to go, too:

  2. Have a 14yr old 8th grader -baseball player that’s interested in youth bats.uses a 32″-21oz big barrel Easton composite bat.what axe bat would work for him.he also weights 93lbs.and about 54″ tall.any input would be great .thanks

    • Great question. We’re going to have some lighter, big barrel options in our 2017 line that could be great fits for your son. They should be posted to the website and available for pre-order within the next month or so. Be sure to check back, or subscribe to our email list – you’ll always get the latest updates there.

  3. Who won the monthly bat draws?

    • With the website transition happening the last couple days, we had to push the drawing out to this week. The winner will be notified soon. Thanks for checking, and good luck!

  4. Does the 30 day guarantee apply to orders to Canada also are there any stores that carry axe bats in the Toronto region thxs

    • Thanks for the question. Yes, it does apply in Canada. Also, the best place to find Axe Bats in your area is through our demo locator: We do our best to keep that current, so if you don’t see anything now, check back again soon.