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Get A Grip: How To Wrap Your New Axe

Get A Grip: How To Wrap Your New Axe

“How do I wrap my new Axe Bat” is a question we hear quite a bit. Since our wood models don’t come with grip tape, players like the ability to add whichever grip suits them best (or even switch it up on the alloy/composite models). Is there a specific way to wrap the handle? Yes! Below is a rundown of how to wrap your new Axe Bat. Keep in mind, during Wood Bat Week, you can use promo code WOOD15 to get 15% off any 2016 wood models on Also, spoiler alert: We’ll be giving away a FREE L180 Maple Composite ($135 value) with any purchase over $200 this weekend (4/1/16 through 4/3/16) in celebration of opening day. Full rules and regulations available on

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1) Peel the grip tape off about 6-12 inches. If you’re using Axe grip tape, make sure the side with the Axe logo is where you’re beginning to wrap. You’ll notice the first 3-4 inches of the tape are angled; this is to help get around the handle before taping the rest of the bat. IF YOU’RE NOT USING AXE GRIP TAPE – that’s fine! Simply cut off about 3-4 inches of the starting side at a 30-40 degree angle. This will help avoid bunching around the handle.

2) Begin taping the angled portion of the knob, above where the curve begins. You don’t want to wrap too low around the knob. Put your thumb on the tape to hold it in place, and tightly pull around to the back side of the bat.

3) While pressing as you go, wrap to about a half-inch from the bottom of the bat on the back side. This will keep the portion of the knob that rests against your palm free and unrestricted. Make sure to slowly keep peeling the protective layer off the tape as you go.

4-6) Continue to the front of the bat so your tape overlaps the previous spot by about one-eighth of an inch. Make sure to keep the tape tight, and apply pressure as you lay the tape. If you make a mistake, just unwrap and redo the problem spot before moving forward.

7) Finish taping by wrapping the last 2-3 inches of the grip tape around the top. If you have electric tape, we’d suggest securing the top half-inch or so of the tape to the bat.

8) There you have it! A perfectly taped Axe Bat!

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