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Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in dating sims ds english, true life i'm dating a cougar | yoga dating perth

The Axe (Bat) Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The Axe (Bat) Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Still searching for something to give that special ballplayer in your life?

Well, look no farther.

Our first Axe Holiday Gift Guide includes something for everybody on your lineup card, from pro prospects to first-year players.

We’ve chosen seven products to feature this year for their innovation, performance and value. All of these bats are available now at blackpool dating scan. Orders placed before Dec. 17 are guaranteed for arrival before Christmas.

2016 Element HyperWhip L138D (BBCOR)

Element HyperWhip L138D BBCOR Bat

The Element HyperWhip L138D defies convention at both ends to earn distinction as the most balanced BBCOR Axe Bat ever made. It’s a perfect choice for the high school or college baseball player looking for the stiffness and control of a one-piece alloy bat, but with the balanced swing weight of a two-piece composite. The secret lies in its HyperWhip Composite Cap, which slopes away from the hitting face, thereby shaving unnecessary weight from the non-hitting side of the barrel. New Endogrid technology built into the handle reduces vibrations in the lower hand and makes for a smooth, comfortable swing.
Price: $289.99

2016 Pro Hard Maple L118 (Wood)

Pro Hard Maple L118 Wood Bat

The Axe Bat burst on the scene in a big way in professional baseball this summer. The Pro Hard Maple L118 makes a great gift for adult baseball players in wood-bat leagues, or for players training with wood in the offseason. Made from pro-grade maple, the L118 features a 271 turn, a cupped end and a pro-approved ink dot on the handle.
Price: $120.00

2016 Origin L135C (Youth, -12)

Origin L135C Youth Bat

The Origin L135C is one of our most popular baseball bats, and makes an ideal choice for youth players looking for an affordable, high-performing bat as they grow in the game. You’ll get all the benefits of the Axe handle — e.g., better bat control and grip stability, more efficient power transfer, and more space to accelerate the barrel for maximum bat speed — along with a new, longer barrel profile and a larger sweet spot in a one-piece, LP1 alloy construction.
Price: $79.99

2016 Hero L129 (Tee Ball, -11)

Hero L129 Tee Ball Bat

Introduce young players to the game, and set them on the path to success with the Hero L129. The Axe handle teaches proper grip alignment and naturally positions the hands in a powerful, palm-up/palm-down orientation at contact, ensuring children learn proper swing fundamentals from their first days on the diamond.
Price: $30.00

2016 Avenge L150C (Fastpitch, -10)

Avenge L150C Fastpitch Bat

Our flagship fastpitch bat for 2016, the Avenge L150C, makes a great gift for any serious fastpitch player. Its two-piece BCP Composite construction provides a balanced swing weight for maximum bat speed, to go along with a massive barrel engineered for durability and performance with one-sided hitting. New Endogrid vibration-dampening technology built into the handle reduces vibrations in the lower hand and makes the L150C the smoothest-swinging fastpitch bat in the Axe lineup.
Price: $309.99

2013 Avenge L155 (ASA)

Avenge L155 Slowpitch Bat

Swing for the fences — and score a great deal in the process — with the Avenge L155. This bat is one of the early Axe slowpitch models, with a two-piece composite construction tuned to the old ASA standard, and an earlier version of the Axe handle. But it remains extremely popular among slowpitch players, in part, because of its extreme durability. Now listed as a closeout, it can be purchased at a fraction of its original price.
Price: $99.99

2016 One-Hand Trainer L10622

One-Hand Trainer L10622

Many players now swinging the Axe Bat first came across during sessions in the batting cage, where they worked with our One-Hand Trainer in drills or off a tee. The Axe handle fits perfectly in your hand, reducing muscle fatigue and hand pain, while helping promote a consistent, repeatable swing plane. This new, 22-inch trainer for 2016 makes a great first impression and is sure to help your favorite player get ready for the season.
Price: $40.00

Which Axe Bat are you hoping to find under your tree this year? It doesn’t have to be one included in this guide, but tell us in the comments before Dec. 16  and Santa will choose one lucky winner at random. Good luck, and happy holidays from all of us here at Baden Sports!

UPDATE (12/17): Congratulations to Tim Mooney, the winner of yesterday’s drawing. Thanks to all of you who commented. Stay tuned for more chances to win in 2016!

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  1. Axe avenge 29″

  2. 2016 pro hard maple L118 (wood)

  3. 2016 Avenge L150C (Fastpitch, -10) I have a daughter that would greatly benefit from this bat.

  4. My son used to use a v-grip but after bending his second one (home run off an inside pitch) it is time to try something different. We have searched for something comparable with the grip that is more durable. Our search has lead us here. We think we may have found a much better product. I have read your tech articles and it sounds like Axe has taken on the issue of one sided bats. While looking at your bats my son fell in love with the 2016 Elite L133C (-5) 32″. While he read me all the specs and explained to me why it would be perfect for him… and it happens to be in his favorite color. Having three boys playing baseball though I think the Elite L131A will be the bat he gets for Christmas.

  5. I’d like a 2016 Avenge L150C to get my almost 16yrold to play “just 1 more season” 🙂

  6. Would be nice to win never had a AEX bat before… but would luv a Element Hyperwhip L138D

  7. I would like the avenge fastpitch bat for my daughter. She loves softball and it would be an amazing gift.

  8. I would like the 2016 Pro Hard Maple L118(wood).

  9. 2016 Pro Hard Maple L118 Wood. 33″ or 34″ would be great for my nephew’s training! Thanks!: )

  10. I’ve been trying to get a couple L136c’s for some time now to replace the 2 we already have it would be even better to have a special delivery from Santa!

  11. 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D (BBCOR)

  12. I love the axe bat! Would love to find a 2016 Avenge L154B USSSA 34″ 28oz under the tree.

  13. 2016 Element Hyperwhip for our high school team.

  14. I would like to win an Origin L135C for my grandson. He will be 8 in February and will be participating in his 2nd year of Little Legue baseball. Grandpa loves to teach him all aspects of the game.

  15. 2016 Avenge L150C

  16. 2016 Avenge L142C(-11) 30″
    My son would love to find this under the tree- thank you!!

  17. Hero L29, for my nephew. He would be so excited!!! He is starting his baseball career next spring at 7, thank you thank you!!!

  18. Could use the new L150C for my daughter. She has an older Avenge that could use replacing. 🙂

  19. The 2016 Avenge L150C (fastpitch -10)

    We purchased the 2014 bat for our daughter and she has improved her batting with “dingers” We live in Florida and honestly have not seen any Axe Bat. We are working on getting the word out about this company and the power these bats pack to give that ball a punch.

  20. 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D (33″)

  21. My husband would really like the maple L118, as he has a few axe bats and they have been awesome for him post hamate removal.

  22. 2016 Pro Hard Maple L118 (Wood) Haven’t seen an Axe in Canada yet(except in my yard!) . Would love to show it off.

  23. 2016 Avenge L150 drop 10. We have a 2 yr old Axe and it has improved our daughter’s batting. She hits more “dingers”. We live in Florida and haven’t seen Axe bats on the travel ball circuit.
    She loves these bats.

  24. The L118 maple wood.

  25. An Avenge L140C who wouldn’t want the best bat available!!!

  26. The element hyper whip . My son struggles and this will be the perfect bat to boost his confidence with its maximum performance.

  27. I’d like a 2016 Avenge L-142C in 30 inches for my 9 year old nephew

  28. 2016 AVENGE L142C 31″

  29. 2016 AVENGE L142C 31″ Would love for my son and his team.

  30. 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D (BBCOR)would be perfect for my son!

  31. Pro hard maple bat for training. Gotta get ready for the season!

  32. 2016 AVENGE L140C (-3)

  33. 2016 Origin L135C (Youth, -12)
    For my Grandson

  34. Our boys play baseball and would love these. Especially the 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D (BBCOR). Thanks for the opportunity! Aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  35. Just finished my 1st semester in college. Ready for my first baseball season as a college player.
    How cool would it be to show off my new Axe bat?
    Had a 2013 Axe Elete 33/30
    Loved it. Hit first home run with it. 2015 or 2016 Avenge would be sweet to make my teammates jealous.

  36. 2016 Avenge L150C (Fastpitch, -10)

    My daughter loves the 2014 model she has now. She went from a 250 average using a conventional bat to over 500 with the AXE.

  37. 2013 Avenge L155 (ASA)

    My son already has his 2 piece composite for baseball. My turn now

  38. 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D for my son, a high school ball player.

  39. Avenge -11 30 would be unreal to give to my son on Christmas.

  40. 2016 Elite L130D – I know I’m too old to enjoy a nice new bat, but I can enjoy hitting a few hard balls with my son as he works the cages this winter

  41. 2016 Avenge L154B – as much as I like watching my sons play, I still like watching my husband play the most… and he’d never spend money on himself if he can spend it on his boys

  42. 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D(BBCOR) would be great for my 14 year old son, Jr High baseball is right around the corner.

  43. 2016 Pro Hard Maple L118

  44. 2016 Maple Composite Fungo L10535

  45. Dear Baden Sports/Axe Bat,

    I’m certain that my 2 daughters would love to receive and benefit from swinging a 2016 Avenge L150C (Fastpitch, -10) bat this season.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays to all who have submitted comments.


  46. I think my Son could benefit from your 2016 Element Hyperwhip L1380.
    Thank you for doing this

  47. 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D (BBCOR)

  48. 2016 Origin L135C Youth -12

  49. 2016 Origin L135C Youth -12 31″

    cause who does not want to swing an axe?

  50. 2016 avenge L141C (-8.5) 30″

  51. 2016 Avenge L154B 27 oz.

  52. Happy Holidays!!

    My two boys would really appreciate a 2016 Elite L131C (-9). Thank you for the opportunity.

  53. 2016 Pro Hard Maple L118 (Wood)
    I used them when they just came to the market and I haven´t feel any other bat like this one

  54. 2016 Pro Hard Maple L118 (Wood)

  55. 2016 AVENGE L154B (ASA & USSSA)

  56. Ben would have a great time with an Avenge L142 30″.
    Then he could have one more reason to smile at the kids with the fluorescent bats.

  57. 2016 Avenge L154B (ASA & USSSA) 28 Oz

    I have the 2015 ASA and I love it but my leagues are going to USSSA and NSA so I can’t use it anymore 🙁

  58. The Avenge L150C. My daughters have been converted. No more round knob bats for them!