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Transport Your Game (And Your New Axe Bats) With The BG3 Bat Pack From Baden

Transport Your Game (And Your New Axe Bats) With The BG3 Bat Pack From Baden

While we spend a lot of time researching and developing new bat technologies — many of which we’ve discussed at length on this blog — we also are always looking for ways to make our lineup more complete.

One example: this year, we added a brand new way of bringing your gear to the ballpark, with the introduction of the how to write a really good online dating profile.

It’s an item you might have easily missed at launch, but one we thought warranted a closer look. So, today, that’s what we’re doing.

The first thing you’ll notice about the BG3 Bat Pack is that it matches the style of the new bat lineup, with black and silver base colors highlighted with electric green trim. “We wanted it to be in the same style — dark colors with bright contrast elements,” explained John DeLuna, Senior Product Designer at Baden Sports.

BG3 Bat Pack

The new BG3 Bat Pack from Baden Sports is versatile, functional and stylish, and designed to match the 2016 Axe Bat lineup.

DeLuna, who spent a couple months working on the project, said he wanted to create a pack that not only looked good, but could be used year-round. That’s why the BG3, in addition to having the usual bat holders and fence hooks, also has multi-purpose features, such as a padded pocket for a laptop or tablet and a zippered pocket at the top for sunglasses, complete with a soft interior lining to prevent scratching.

Main compartment BG3 Bat Pack

Baden’s Senior Product Designer John DeLuna shows the padded laptop or tablet compartment inside the main bag of the new BG3 Bat Pack.

Basketball shoes can even fit in the zippered cleat compartment near the bottom, and — should you so choose — a regulation basketball fits easily in the main bag.

“People have a lot of stuff and so we tailored the pack for multiple storage uses,” DeLuna said. “We wanted to make it more universal than some of the other packs out there, because we know people will be using it for more than just baseball.”

If diamond sports are the main use, however, the BG3 covers all the bases. Neoprene bat holders on either side secure bats in a vertical position. The main bag is large enough to hold a helmet and fielding glove with room to spare. And a velcro glove keeper allows batting gloves to air-dry securely from the back. In all, there are five zippered compartments, and another seven dedicated pouches (five of them internal) for storing everything from a water bottle to a cell phone — in addition to the two bat holders.

Other, more subtle, design elements demonstrate attention to detail. The handle piece, for example, is rounded and rises from the sides of the pack, with a foam insert sewn into the grip. And the J-style fence hooks disappear easily into sleeves on the shoulder straps when not in use.

The BG3 is also water resistant, an important feature for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

Early feedback from players has been positive, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments. We plan on giving a few of these away in the coming months, so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@AxeBat), Facebook (TheAxeBat) and Instagram (axebat) for the latest.

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