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Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Industry, News, Technology, Uncategorized |

Your New 2016 Axe Bats Have Arrived

Your New 2016 Axe Bats Have Arrived

After months or, in some cases, years, of development, the day has finally arrived to announce our 2016 line of Axe Bats. We’ll be going into a lot more detail in the coming weeks about some of the new technologies included, but suffice to say this year’s lineup is our most advanced, most balanced and most diverse yet.

The one bat sure to swivel heads is the new Element HyperWhip L138D. It’s the most balanced BBCOR bat we’ve ever made, a feat achieved by re-engineering the entire top half of the barrel. Look closely at the photos and you’ll see the bat has an angled top (yes, really). That’s our new HyperWhip Composite Cap, an industry first, and a unique advantage derived solely from one-sided hitting.

Tompkins and Element HyperWhip L138D

Hugh Tompkins, Baden’s Director of R&D, shows the new 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D.

The HyperWhip cap is made of carbon fiber and accounts for the last 3 inches of the barrel. Its top slopes away from the bat’s hitting face, shaving unnecessary material and weight from the tip on the non-hitting side. This makes for both better balance and a larger sweet spot, effectively giving players the stiffness and control of a one-piece alloy bat, but with the balanced swing weight of a two-piece composite.

We’ll have more from Hugh Tompkins, Baden’s Director of Research & Development, about how he and his team developed the HyperWhip Composite Cap next week. In the meantime, check out the full 2016 lineup, available today for pre-order, on

2016 Axe Bats BBCOR

The 2016 Axe Bat lineup includes new technologies, designs and colors.

News release:

2016 Axe Bats Announced, Now Available for Pre-Order

New lineup includes an asymmetric, composite-alloy hybrid barrel for improved balance, and vibration-dampening technology for greater comfort

RENTON, Wash. (Aug. 25, 2015) – Baden Sports, Inc., today announced a full line of aluminum, composite and wood Axe™ Bats for 2016, including a new vibration-dampening technology and the industry’s first asymmetric, composite-alloy hybrid barrel designed for one-sided hitting. All of the new bats can be pre-ordered now at, with availability starting Oct. 6.

The new composite-alloy hybrid barrel – named the HyperWhip™ Composite Cap – builds upon the breakthrough design of previous generations of the Axe™ Bat and advances Baden’s leadership in the development of directional hitting technologies. It debuts on the new Element HyperWhip™ L138D, a BBCOR-certified baseball bat for high school and college players.

HyperWhip Composite Cap

The HyperWhip Composite Cap on the 2016 Element HyperWhip L138D.

Unlike conventional one-piece alloy bats, the Element HyperWhip™ L138D transitions from alloy to composite the last three inches of the barrel, eliminating the end cap. All Axe™ Bats feature one-sided hitting; because of the way the patented, axe-shaped handle positions a batter’s hands, the same side of the barrel contacts the ball on every swing.

The composite cap on the Element HyperWhip™ L138D takes advantage of this directional functionality, sloping away from the contact side of the barrel, thereby shaving unnecessary weight from the end of the bat. The result is the most balanced BBCOR bat in the Axe™ Bat lineup, an enlarged sweet spot and the precise ball-tracking players want in a one-piece alloy construction.

“We wanted to make the most balanced one-piece bat we could make, and directional hitting gave us the ability to do that in a truly unique and innovative way,” said Hugh Tompkins, Director of Research & Development, Baden Sports. “With the HyperWhip Composite Cap, players get the precision and control of a one-piece alloy bat with the balanced swing weight of a two-piece composite bat.”

Element HyperWhip L138D

Axe Element HyperWhip L138D

The second major innovation in the new lineup is designed for comfort. Baden’s new Endogrid technology for reduced vibration is built into the lower, axe-shaped portion of the handle of select models. It utilizes lightweight, shock-absorbing material to reduce vibrations in the bottom hand, enabling a more comfortable swing without sacrificing bat stiffness or power transfer.

Additionally, the entire line features new colors and graphics meant to convey the science and precision behind the Axe™ Bat – electric colors factor prominently throughout the baseball lineup, while fastpitch and slowpitch bats feature unique graphics with sport-specific appeal.

A fixture in the lineup remains the popular Avenge™ series for baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch. New models include the Avenge™ L140C and Avenge™ L150C, the flagship bats for BBCOR baseball and fastpitch, respectively; both are two-piece constructions with BCP™ composite barrels and Endogrid handles.

Axe Avenge L140C

Axe Avenge L140C

Axe Avenge Fastpitch L150C

Axe Avenge Fastpitch L150C

For younger players, the one-piece, aluminum Phenom™ series has an updated name in 2016 – Origin™ for youth baseball, Hero™ for tee-ball – but the same best-in-class value.

Axe Origin L135C

Axe Origin L135C

Slowpitch players, meanwhile, will no longer have to purchase separate bats for ASA and USSSA competition, as the new Avenge™ Slowpitch L154B carries a dual stamp, allowing it to be used in play sanctioned by both organizations.

Axe Avenge Slowpitch USSSA/ASA L154B

Axe Avenge Slowpitch USSSA/ASA L154B

Other new products for 2016 include:

• Axe™ Bat Pack: Designed in the style of today’s most popular bat packs, the Axe™ Bat Pack features two vertical bat sleeves, compartments for shoes, pockets for assorted personal items, and heavy-duty “J”-style fence hooks. Black with neon green trim, the Bat Pack blends seamlessly with the color aesthetic of the new Axe™ Bat lineup, making it a perfect accessory for the traveling player.

• Axe™ Tempo Tee: The flexible stand on the Axe™ Tempo Tee moves back and forth to simulate a real pitch, allowing players to practice their timing and anticipation from different angles and speeds. The Tempo Tee uses standard baseballs or softballs and can operate in both swing and stationary modes.

• Axe™ One-Hand Trainer (22-inch): The popular Axe™ One-Hand Trainer will be offered in a longer, 22-inch version, in addition to the original 18-inch model. Constructed from durable, hardwood composite material, the One-Hand Trainer promotes a proper hand position and swing plane, while its ergonomic shape reduces hand fatigue and pain.

The Axe™ Bat represents the latest in cutting-edge bat design, with a shape that supports player performance, promotes proper swing mechanics and allows players to train longer, safer. Scientific research has proven the ergonomic design of the axe-shaped handle provides better bat control, grip stability and power transfer, while also reducing the risk of hand injuries, when compared to bats with traditional round knobs and handles.¹

The Axe™ Bat is approved for play at all levels and is being swung by professional players and college programs nationwide. All non-wood composite and aluminum Axe™ Bats carry a one-year warranty and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

¹Biomechanical Study of the New Axe Handle Baseball Bats and Comparison with Standard Round Knob Bats

About Baden Sports

Baden Sports, Inc., an independent, family-owned company based in Renton, Wash., is a designer and producer of the highest-quality athletic balls. Baden also manufactures the new Axe™ Bat line of high-performance baseball and softball bats. For 35 years, Baden’s product innovation and leadership have led conferences, programs and coaches at all levels to choose Baden as their official ball. For more information, visit the Axe Bat website, Facebook (TheAxeBat) and Twitter pages.

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