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Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 in News, Uncategorized |

Can You Find This Axe Bat At The Baseball Hall Of Fame?

Can You Find This Axe Bat At The Baseball Hall Of Fame?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame formally inducts its four newest members on Sunday: Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz will all take their rightful places among the best to ever play.

Enshrinement in Cooperstown is the ultimate validation of greatness, a career capstone acheived by only 1% of the players to ever wear a Major League uniform.

While we will never know what it feels like to get that call, we can relate in some small way to the excitement of having your life’s work displayed there.

In 2010, back when the Axe Bat was little more than a proof of concept, we took some bats to Spring Training in Arizona, where they were swung in batting practice and exhibition games by players from several teams, including the Seattle Mariners. One of the bats from that trip ended up a few months later at the Hall of Fame.

Visitors can find it displayed in the “Today’s Game” exhibit on the Hall’s second floor, propped inside the Mariners’ locker, right next to the batting gloves Ichiro wore in setting the all-time, single-season hits record (262) in 2004.

Axe Bat in Hall of Fame

One of the first Axe Bats ever swung by a Big Leaguer is on display in the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Today’s Game” exhibit. Photo credit: Milo Stewart Jr., National Baseball Hall of Fame

The placard reads:

“This bat, one of several distributed to Mariners batters during Spring Training of 2010, features a handle contoured like those found on traditional axes. The innovative design helps keep the batter’s hands in a strong, yet comfortable hitting position.”

Look for the bat on your next visit to Cooperstown.

If you can’t make it to Cooperstown, you can still tour the Hall virtually through the Google Cultural Institute, which offers a Street View look inside at the exhibits, memorabilia and collections.

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