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Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in News, Uncategorized |

Fastpitch Players, Here Are Your New Colors For Summer

Fastpitch Players, Here Are Your New Colors For Summer

A while back, we hinted at some new color offerings for fastpitch that, at the time, were still in development.

Well, we’re excited to say those bats have now arrived.

You might have even seen them teased on our website. The new color combinations, available in limited quantities for the Axe Avenge L150B, are black and pink, and orange and turquoise.

New fastpitch colors

Two new, limited-edition color combinations for the Axe Avenge L150B fastpitch bat are available now.

Jenn Murrow, Baden’s Vice President of Marketing, said the colors were selected after gathering input from a variety of players, designers and product developers. Murrow said she paid particular attention to input from former college players.

“We really like playing with color and embrace it as part of our overall strategy for the Axe Bat,” Murrow said. “You should expect to see more of it in the future, including some really cool variations for 2016.”

We had a chance to show the finished bats to Danielle Lawrie when she was in the office the other day.

“I love them,” Lawrie said of the new combinations, “especially the pink one.”

Which do you prefer? Let us know by voting in the poll or sharing your thoughts in the comments.

What is your favorite new Axe Bat color combination?

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